Golden Gate Bridge

Finally witnessed the view in person, not on any yearly calendar or photo.

Was glad because the weather was amazing. Roamed around, got some good shots, ate delicious food, and indeed thankful for everything.

San Francisco, California.
January 2018.

© AlvnaKarim


Lively Butterflies

Met someone with a cute manicure at the Butterfly Garden!

She was badly requesting this little fella to sit on her nail tip. Sadly it chose the floor but she wasn’t gonna give up like that, so she waited gladly.

Not sure whether she succeeded or not that day but I’m indeed thankful to her for creating quite a cute moment for me to capture!

This Innocence is Brilliant!

Pink Manicure

Another shot from the Butterfly Garden.
Close to the lavender flower
Close to the green.

Mother Nature

© AlvnaKarim

Travel Germany: Reichstag Dome and Bode-Museum

Berlin, a wonderful city with great food! Streets are safe during nighttime too!

1. Reichstag Dome

Fascinating fact is the German parliament of Bundestag can be seen from the top of Reichstag dome, it represents that people are above the government.

It was amazing to witness how Germany changed gradually from the horrendous past, through becoming a free democratic country by embracing diverse population.

German parliament of Bundestag

2. Bode-Museum

The beautiful premises of this museum will take anyone’s breath away. Two eyes are enough to breath the essence and refresh the mind while roaming around the place.

For history lovers and explorers, the lavish touch of this museum will give a knowledgeable retreat.


© AlvnaKarim