Cruise by the river Seine, Paris, France

It was a magical night in Paris,
Cruised around by the river Seine,
Witnessed some of the most famous historical sites,
The wind was calmly spreading it’s soothing breeze,
A French instrumental song was playing in the background,
Gradually a view snatched all the attention.


The Eiffel Tower


While visiting France’s capital Paris don’t forget to take a cruise at night by the river Seine. One cruise ride will showcase almost all the heritages of Paris but before purchasing tickets know the routes the cruise will take.

It’s affordable ($12) and will indeed gift you an experience of a lifetime.

© AlvnaK


Indeed, success will make one wise, kind & humble;
On the other hand, if being successful is breeding proudness within oneself then that is not progressing someone but working on the reverse way.

Blue’s Perspective

© AlvnaK

Indulge in Imagination

Tried to create a story from a text message.

Soothing music…

We were sitting outside in the patio of our favorite coffee shop. The clouds were getting heavy, it was about to rain. Even the thunders before the storm was catching up with the relaxing beats..

It took us a bit to realize when it started raining as we were consumed by the nature’s beauty..

When few raindrops dropped in our coffee, one or two drops of coffee splashed in one of our hand and we came back to reality. We were about to laugh out but a sudden silence as a cool breeze passed through the body…

Right then both realized how little things can get special and how one can cherish them forever.

© AlvnaK