Happiness’s Relationship

Swallowed By The Moon

If yesterday was full of crap doesn’t mean tomorrow it won’t be crappier, but within all these crappy things there will be a moment of happiness, grab that and cherish!


© AlvnaK

Affected by Chlorine

Found this Dragonfly
Sadly, it was already gone on the other side,
Pool’s chlorine trap protected the ‘water’ for its showoff owner succeeded!

Before taking the flight today, little did this beautiful and healthy creature knew about its fate,
As deceiving portraits created by humans kept on snatching these lives everyday more than yesterday…

© AlvnaK

Aircraft View – Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

This shot was taken from the aircraft through the window. I was super tired after traveling almost 10hours but this beautiful view kept the hope up and cheered me up!

It was a bit cloudy ⛅️ and the shot came out pretty well. Cloudy sky, city skyscrapers, green view along with a narrow canal altogether created a perfect picture.

Aircraft Window View

© AlvnaK

Golden Gate Bridge

Finally witnessed the view in person, not on any yearly calendar or photo.

San Francisco Day #2

Was glad because the weather was amazing. Roamed around, got some good shots, ate delicious food, and indeed thankful for everything.

San Francisco, California.
January 2018.

© AlvnaK