Natural Downfall

Even the strongest got weaknesses,
The wisest got imperfections,
The hopeful got depression,
The patient one got complaints…

So what do they do when they’re not at their best?

Fake it, panic, freak out or runaway?!
It’s a natural downfall but for a while indeed.

Its because nature wants to show-
What will happen when they are at their worst,
That they should never be proud,
That there are much more to improve and to realize,
Much more to explore and to understand.

As perfection is a lie;
And, learning got no ending…

© AlvnaKarim



I’ve written several poems but this one was the second poem that I wrote in Bengali Language. Bangla is a language that is very close to my heart. Didn’t want to translate the lines, so accept my apology but I feel like the translation would’ve snatched the actual flavor & rawness of the poem. But if anyone wants to know then I would definitely share a short summary about it.


ভালবাসা সে তো এক বিভীষিকার নাম;
আগুনের মত জ্বলে,
শৈল্পিক এক স্পন্দন।

বুঝে ওঠার আগেই হারিয়ে যায়।

দিন, বছর, যুগ;
বার্ধক্য আসে,
মানুষ বদলে যায়…

মানুষের সেই সারিতে আমি কেমন প্রানী?
যে আজও স্মৃতি আঁকড়ে বাঁচি?

আশা? কেমন আশা?
(অট্টহাসির শব্দ আসে চারপাশ থেকে)

হাহাকার উঠে হৃদয়ের মাঝে,
আর্তনাদে মুষড়ে পড়ি,

বক্ষভেদ করে বিষাক্ত তীর।

১০ মার্চ, ২০১৫
ঢাকা, বাংলাদেশ

© AlvnaKarim

The Irony

How it Happened?

Thought about writing a poem without using pronouns and ended up writing this one.

Poem #4
The Irony

Glad to remember every single trail,
Stored closely into the human brain.
The good ones & the opposite ones,
Harsh failings, clueless blames.

Took it all, also swallowed;
It was the little world, have always adored...

Seen that drowning, upside down and the deterioration;
Red cells couldn’t stop the cremation.

On the other side, wish everything is going well to live;
Hope present days brought the peace this side couldn’t give.
Hope finding ‘peace’ is healing for real,
Hope perfect life has eliminated the absolute obstacle.

Place: Tennessee, Usa

© AlvnaKarim


This is a poem written in Bengali Language. The very first drafted poem of mine, wrote randomly on a paper, in between taking lecture notes. Poetic lines are precious, randomly comes to the brain then disappears. The thought might be the same but if wouldn’t have written down these precious lines, it would’ve lost the essence of keen expression.


কোথায় সেই উচ্ছলতা?
প্রাণবন্ত জীবন…
আমার মাঝে নেই যে আমি,
খুঁজছি প্রাণপন…

উদারতা সে কি তাকে,
জয় করেছি কি আমি?
নিষ্ঠাচারের জীবন আমার,
দিল কি আমায় গ্লানি?

আজ চারদিকে হাহাকার আমার
স্পষ্ট কিছুই নয়,
হাসিমুখ সে তো বাইরে শুধু
ভেতরে অন্ধকার আলয়।

অস্তিত্ব আমার ভেঙে চুরমার,
আগলে রাখি আড়ালে…
চাপাকান্নাগুলো মৃতপ্রায় হয়,
যখন হাসিমুখে মিশি সকলে।

১৪ জুন, ২০১৪
ঢাকা, বাংলাদেশ

© AlvnaKarim


How it Happened?

Tangled thoughts influenced to come up with these lines. Ended up writing my fifth poem that got published.
The book is called ‘Upon Arrival: Inception’.


Poem #5

Both never believed in love at any sight,
Was caught up with the blissful togetherness which was definitely a delight.

Months after months the company never seemed monotonous,
Felt like found the eternal peace which was indeed so precious.

Both got confused between the dilemma of heart and brain,
Couldn’t figure for a while that destiny was weaving something uncertain.

Goodbyes after the daylight was becoming the hardest part,
Stored the day’s laughter by quilling it beneath the safest place in the heart.

One night over the phone, meaningless arguments were about to tear both apart;
Quietly the silent wind whispered the truth by leaving two creatures for a heavenly start.

© AlvnaKarim