Being Hopeful

In the end, It is just you and your Almighty.

Whenever it’s blue, feels like there’s no hope, there’s love of Almighty for you. A never ending love we hardly realize.

But hope is always there. As long as you’re alive, capable to do stuffs you’re lucky as Almighty is taking care of you, no one would ever do. We all can lean on to that love. Without any hesitation anytime, any moment.

Almighty loves you. The best therapy is to be close to your creator knowing that Almighty cares. It doesn’t require to be highly religious to talk to Almighty but the strong belief that no matter what Almighty will take care of everything, indeed it will give mental peace as well as you’ll never be disappointed if you strongly hold on to it. That disappointment and dissatisfaction won’t last long if we have faith over whatever happens/happened it is for good, even if we can’t see the good right away. Also expectations from worldly creatures can damage the soul, so expect only from Almighty because in the end you’ll realize it too.

Whatever success you got or achieved those are the resemblance of your hardwork but aren’t you lucky to have a well working brain? Or just being healthy?! Or just to be capable of seeing the world or your loved ones around you?! There’s so much around to be thankful for.

Once you realize, you’ll feel the gratitude. You’ll feel the urge to apologize for whatever wrong you did and graciously you’ll thank for whatever you have. We call it ‘Prayer’. You’ll happily pray with satisfaction knowing how connected you are with yourself and to your Almighty.

Just by seeing a new flower that bloomed can make you happy. Even though you know the flower will die soon. But it’s blooming. Blooming courageously, blooming to brighten up the world.

All the praise to Almighty for everything.

May Almighty grant us happiness. All of us.

© AlvnaK

Swollen Blisters

How it Happened?

Woke up in the morning and felt the urge to write. Literally while brushing teeth wrote down my very first poem. I think the picture influenced to write it.

The picture attached was created by pouring ice cold water into a glass. The zoomed picture and a bit editing created an awesome artwork!

Poem #1
Swollen Blisters

I’ve grown much now,
I’m a new person.
Why am I new?
Because of the wounds.

Scars are still there,
Reminds me everyday about the swollen blisters.
Pain is still there,
Underneath the covered skin just like hidden splinters.

I don’t lose hope,
As I’m a warrior.
But when memories haunt me,
It leaves the barrier.

I won’t lose hope,
As Almighty heals me when I crawl.
I will be striking,
As long as my dead cells fall.

© AlvnaK


How it Happened?

Tangled thoughts influenced to come up with these lines. Ended up writing my fifth poem that got published.
The book is called ‘Upon Arrival: Inception’.


Poem #5

Both never believed in love at any sight,
Was caught up with the blissful togetherness which was definitely a delight.

Months after months the company never seemed monotonous,
Felt like found the eternal peace which was indeed so precious.

Both got confused between the dilemma of heart and brain,
Couldn’t figure for a while that destiny was weaving something uncertain.

Goodbyes after the daylight was becoming the hardest part,
Stored the day’s laughter by quilling it beneath the safest place in the heart.

One night over the phone, meaningless arguments were about to tear both apart;
Quietly the silent wind whispered the truth by leaving two creatures for a heavenly start.

© AlvnaK 

Stop-motion Animation

Three years ago, was going through some YouTube videos and this very work caught my eyes. It was a pizza preparation clip, where all the items were doing its work all by themselves!

Wondered what technique is behind it. Soon figured it’s called stop-motion animation. After researching a bit about the technique, looked up for some good stop-motion videos. Found one precious clip that was worth watching.

How beautifully this creator shared affection, life, death and memories in one clip by joining tons of snapshots patiently and created a masterpiece. Indeed the hard work paid off and the outcome? One word ‘flawless!’.

Sharing the link here so check it out:

Now are you feeling a bit emotional after watching the video above? Then here’s a short clip, created two years ago for a sister channel just to experiment the skill. Enjoy!

© AlvnaK

Insomniac freak

How it Happened?

I wrote this at 3.33am. Couldn’t sleep with that buzz after coming back from my trip to San Francisco, California. The Airbnb I stayed was in Lafayette and there was a street called ‘Walnut Creek’. Somehow the name kept buzzing in my head continuously don’t know why! So I ended up writing this poem.

Poem #6
Insomniac freak

Insomniac freak…
In the middle of the night at the Walnut Creek.

No one was awake and the dark was deep,
Busy tired streets were drooling in the sleep.

Freak was breathing while holding onto it’s creed,
Pain was tremendous since the tumor started to breed.

The bay was close and the waves were sharp,
Within the chaos he could hear the harp.

There was no pleasure just waiting for the end,
Only the sound was getting closer like a long lost friend.

© AlvnaK