Lethal Brilliant Mind

Couldn’t save him from himself.
Only if he would’ve let someone in, only if he could’ve thought to rethink.
The melancholy of having a Lethal Brilliant Mind…

**There’re some who lives only just to live, dead inside. There’re some stays alive physically, dying at a young age mentally. Is that even worth it?
No one knows as it stays hidden, but the one who cares about you it destroys them as well!Life is already short!

Let the person who actually cares help you out, let live a day worth living, let others help to save a life cuz once it’s gone it is gone forever! Let’s cheer up for the next day without expecting a lot, even there’s nothing to stay happy about just with a hope by thinking tomorrow will be better than today or yesterday cuz you’ll think differently from a fresh perspective. From a happy perspective with whatever you already have.

Worldly life will never satisfy you even if you got everything you always wanted, more will always add to the list, indeed this life is a temporary test and only will disappoint.

Hang in there, do your part of good towards this heinous world, for the betterment of future beings.
As after the worldly test,
Indeed, heaven will be rewarded.

© AlvnaKarim

Light will come Through

Sometimes when days are gloomy, it’s hard to see on the bright side.

Then nature portrays some pictures that speaks louder than any words a person could ever gather in their imagination.

Make your gloomy day a little bit better, look outside or focus on little things, nature will cheer you up.

© AlvnaKarim

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Never let the world fool you with all its fake glittery stuffs; be yourself let the world accept what you believe in and your values.

Let kindness nourish you and all the good around you may influence you to spread peace and happiness.


© AlvnaKarim