Gold Rose

Shadow couldn’t swallow her natural beam.

© AlvnaK

The Irony

How it Happened?

Thought about writing a poem without using pronouns and ended up writing this one.

Poem #4
The Irony

Glad to remember every single trail,
Stored closely into the human brain.
The good ones & the opposite ones,
Harsh failings, clueless blames.

Took it all, also swallowed;
It was the little world, have always adored...

Seen that drowning, upside down and the deterioration;
Red cells couldn’t stop the cremation.

On the other side, wish everything is going well to live;
Hope present days brought the peace this side couldn’t give.
Hope finding ‘peace’ is healing for real,
Hope perfect life has eliminated the absolute obstacle.

Place: Tennessee, Usa

© AlvnaK

Calla Lilies

Love for Spring

Love towards nature is one of my weaknesses. I love to learn about flowers and their names. Took this beautiful snapshot from my Aunt’s backyard garden.

Pink Calla Lilies

Spring is beautiful,
Spring is lavish.

Spring is colorful,
Spring is pinkish.

Spring is cheerful,
Spring is childish…

© AlvnaK


The Withered Rose

Everybody is running after young and beautiful. But fact is nothing will last forever. Cherishing life and respecting those who’ve past their youth will only make one wise.

You’ll Be Here Too

So among the beauties,
She remembered her golden days…

Nothing lasts forever,
She might not be there anymore
But her essence will remain forever young and beautiful…

© AlvnaK