Facebook’s Wrong Move

“Facebook defends decision to leave fake Pelosi video and says users should make up their own minds.”


Social Media is a part of our daily lives now days. People browse and refresh their news feed several times in a day rather than watching news on the television or through news channels. This method is quick and easy to access so it is very much popular among the viewers.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. are some social media platforms where any news whether it’s fake or real goes viral within seconds. Moreover, if the topic is about a public figure then it spreads way faster.

The fake Pelosi video that created a lot of arguments should be removed from every platform because it got no authenticity. Facebook or any other platform must show solidarity on handling fake and demeaning news.

As per Facebook’s decision on not taking down the controversial video fully, will only create confusion to some audiences that are ignorant enough to search for the truth and they will end up believing and spreading the video no matter what, to support their views. Also, recently Facebook started paying creators for their creations like YouTube and to go viral anybody from anywhere now can use technology to portray something absolutely fake and the irony is they’ll make money out of it; as most of the viewers only care about juicy topics without speculating right or wrong.

Facebook had an opportunity to show the world through this particular incident that they are with the truth rather than just thinking about their business profitability.

As a woman I feel violated because this platform was created to ensure privacy first; people placed their trust in this platform and it got popular among all ages. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is a well reputed individual if she is not safe in the social media world then regular people like us will indeed not feel safe either. It’s a disgrace that Facebook’s VP is a woman but argued absurdly through supporting her company’s irrational point of view on why they’re not removing the video fully. The way she answered Anderson Cooper’s questions so articulately it only proved her illiteracy towards handling these kinds of sensitive topics. It doesn’t even make any sense because people will judge no matter what but promoting something this demeaning will only influence maniacs toward spreading hate and ending up with heinous acts.

All big companies and organizations got social media accounts, also now days before making it to the broadcasting system, news spread in the social media first, so even if they disagree like Facebook’s VP said, ‘not in the news business’ they’ve been actually in the news business from the beginning; so they have the responsibility to act wisely.

Facebook should have supported the decision the way other social media platforms respected through removing the video fully but the way FB handled this matter, in near future they indeed will have to face the consequences.

© AlvnaK

Calla Lilies

Love for Spring

Love towards nature is one of my weaknesses. I love to learn about flowers and their names. Took this beautiful snapshot from my Aunt’s backyard garden.

Pink Calla Lilies

Spring is beautiful,
Spring is lavish.

Spring is colorful,
Spring is pinkish.

Spring is cheerful,
Spring is childish…

© AlvnaK

Insomniac freak

How it Happened?

I wrote this at 3.33am. Couldn’t sleep with that buzz after coming back from my trip to San Francisco, California. The Airbnb I stayed was in Lafayette and there was a street called ‘Walnut Creek’. Somehow the name kept buzzing in my head continuously don’t know why! So I ended up writing this poem.

Poem #6
Insomniac freak

Insomniac freak…
In the middle of the night at the Walnut Creek.

No one was awake and the dark was deep,
Busy tired streets were drooling in the sleep.

Freak was breathing while holding onto it’s creed,
Pain was tremendous since the tumor started to breed.

The bay was close and the waves were sharp,
Within the chaos he could hear the harp.

There was no pleasure just waiting for the end,
Only the sound was getting closer like a long lost friend.

© AlvnaK