Autumn Leaf

How it Happened?

Because this random leaf wanted me to write these lines for her and I ended up writing my second poem.

Poem #2
Autumn Leaf

Two brown girls were talking
Heading home walking;
The weather blended with their color smoothly
As autumn was knocking slowly.

Looking at the trees
One of them cherished joyfully,
Her eyes got brighter
While praising nature’s flaw fully.

Brown glossy skin, eyes filled with tear,
The other girl whispered with a fear.

‘As we’re enjoying autumn’s look,
She’s fading while hanging on a hook.
Cruel reality is a pleasure to our eyes,
Where her soul is dying with the time that flies.’

© AlvnaKarim


Which one is real?!

One layer of makeup isn’t enough anymore,
Several layers are directed to make it look natural!
But behind all these aren’t we loosing authenticity?

Indeed, natural beauty is the best beauty.
Color yourself the way you want rather than following overrated beauty gurus!

© AlvnaKarim