Tuileries Garden

This beautiful Ferris Wheel seemed close to the Museum de Louvre’s premises. Without giving a second thought started walking towards it. Gradually discovered was standing near to the Jardines de Tuileries (Tuileries Garden)!

There was a carnival going on. And their it was, the beautiful Ferris Wheel 🎡. Right away bought a ticket and got onto the Ferris wheel. Gradually when it went to the top and got to witness the most mesmerizing view of Paris and was literally swallowed by the beauty of the city of love.

Took €10 but presented a view of a lifetime! A city never been before but was fearless while roaming around all by myself.

Though pickpocketing might create an issue but being a little conscious about belongings would benefit a lot.

© AlvnaKarim

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, California.

A must visit place #1

The academy got a lot to offer. It’s a place where both kids and adults can explore and find cool stuffs together. The pictures are just a small glimpse of a marvelous and resourceful place. Would recommend everyone to pay a visit whenever they’re going to plan a trip to San Francisco, California.

Tickets are a bit costly but students can always show their valid student ID to get some discount!

The Yellow Tang

The Dancing Jellyfish

Mermaids Home!

Enjoy everyday!
Wherever you are, whenever you can!

© AlvnaKarim

Cruise by the river Seine, Paris, France

It was a magical night in Paris,
Cruised around by the river Seine,
Witnessed some of the most famous historical sites,
The wind was calmly spreading it’s soothing breeze,
A French instrumental song was playing in the background,
Gradually a view snatched all the attention.


The Eiffel Tower


While visiting France’s capital Paris don’t forget to take a cruise at night by the river Seine. One cruise ride will showcase almost all the heritages of Paris but before purchasing tickets know the routes the cruise will take.

It’s affordable ($12) and will indeed gift you an experience of a lifetime.

© AlvnaKarim

Travel Germany: Berlin’s Most Expensive Shopping Mall ‘KaDeWe’

KaDeWe: Kaufhaus des Westens

It means department store of the West. The largest and most expensive shopping mall in Berlin and the second largest in the whole Europe! Here consumers will get products from all exclusive brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex, Balenciaga etc..

Glimpse of the Mall

Short History

  • Founded by Adolf Jandorf.
  • Designed by Emil Schaudt in 1907.
  • In 1927, the ownership changed to Hermann Tietz. As Tietz was Jewish according to the Nazi law back then the company had to change through their rulings and the name changed into Hertie.
  • When World War ll was taking place allied bombing destroyed most of the place and the place had to close.
  • The store reopened again on the 1950 and finished the full construction by 1956.
  • The Germans call it German economical miracle as the store changed west Germany through economic growth.
  • In 1989, KaDeWe recorded a record breaking milestone. Because 200.000 guests a day visited the department store regularly – the highest number of visitors in history according to their website.

Welcome to the glamorous KaDeWe! It is a must go place while visiting at Berlin, Germany.

This beautiful luxurious departmental store got 8 floors altogether.

  • In the first floor it got men’s apparel.
  • Second one decorated with women’s clothing to accessories.
  • Third floor got all exclusive branded shoes as well as women’s lingerie.
  • Fourth one got unique wedding and gift items.
  • Fifth floor displayed books, toys, office supplies electronics, souvenirs etc.
  • Top remaining floors were entitled for food and beverages. It got 110 cooks, 40 bakers and confectioners supplying more than 30 counters. It also got a restaurant, where a thousand people can dine together enjoying their meal that comes from various parts of the world and watch game in the big screen.

In the restaurant they’ve got thousands of delicious dishes from many countries of the world. Even the famous black tiger shrimp from Bangladesh was there too!

Aqua kultur aus Bangladesh.

Meaning: Aqua culture from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

On the other side there was a lounge were people were enjoying their food and watching soccer. From the big glass windows it was amazing to look the view of Wittenbergplatz.

It was quite an amazing experience.

If you got money then it is the best place where one can get all the exclusive things. Shopaholics might spend all their money as this store is so much resourceful.

FYI: So what did I get? Roaming around was fun but did end up getting a fancy eclair & a bottle of water from the food hall(LoL). The eclair looked like a royal one but didn’t taste as good as the regular ones I usually get from regular bakeries. But it is true that the Mall was pretty Lit 🔥.

© AlvnaKarim