The Apple Maze

This idea popped up while helping my niece, so created one for myself. 🤣

Recently started posting daily for an instagram account. Thought of sharing one of the samples here too.

Checkout the clip below, hope y’all will like it too!

The Apple 🍎

Level Mode: Easy

© AlvnaK

Stop-motion Animation

Three years ago, was going through some YouTube videos and this very work caught my eyes. It was a pizza preparation clip, where all the items were doing its work all by themselves!

Wondered what technique is behind it. Soon figured it’s called stop-motion animation. After researching a bit about the technique, looked up for some good stop-motion videos. Found one precious clip that was worth watching.

How beautifully this creator shared affection, life, death and memories in one clip by joining tons of snapshots patiently and created a masterpiece. Indeed the hard work paid off and the outcome? One word ‘flawless!’.

Sharing the link here so check it out:

Now are you feeling a bit emotional after watching the video above? Then here’s a short clip, created two years ago for a sister channel just to experiment the skill. Enjoy!

© AlvnaK