Insomniac freak

How it Happened?

I wrote this at 3.33am. Couldn’t sleep with that buzz after coming back from my trip to San Francisco, California. The Airbnb I stayed was in Lafayette and there was a street called ‘Walnut Creek’. Somehow the name kept buzzing in my head continuously don’t know why! So I ended up writing this poem.

Poem #6
Insomniac freak

Insomniac freak…
In the middle of the night at the Walnut Creek.

No one was awake and the dark was deep,
Busy tired streets were drooling in the sleep.

Freak was breathing while holding onto it’s creed,
Pain was tremendous since the tumor started to breed.

The bay was close and the waves were sharp,
Within the chaos he could hear the harp.

There was no pleasure just waiting for the end,
Only the sound was getting closer like a long lost friend.

© AlvnaK

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